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We offer compressed air flow meters and industrial energy monitoring solutions.

Our products can be found all over the world. We serve all industrial markets; for example automotive, glass manufacturing, metal processing, food and beverage and consumer goods.

Get real time insight in your energy consumption with our energy monitoring software. Use our compressed air flow meters to check consumption of machines, allocate costs and monitor leakage level.

Are you ready to optimize the energy efficiency of your compressed air system? Would you like to monitor compressed air, and other utilities real-time via your web browser? Contact us today!

Proudly serving leading companies worldwide

Through our distributors and dealers, we serve clients worldwide to save on compressed air energie costs. A small selection of end users: Astrum UK (Steel castings), IKEA (Wholesale), GSK (Medicines), Kikkoman Foods, Libbey (glass), Mars (Food), Samsung (Consumer goods), Nestlé (Food), O&L (glass), Philips (consumer goods), Rexam (glass), Toyota (Automotive).


VPFlowScope M

The VPFlowScope® M is your next step in gas flow measurement. The VPFlowScope M is the 3-in-1 insertion flow meter for compressed air and technical gases. It can be installed under pressure and measures flow, pressure and temperature simultaneously. With the introduction of the VPFlowScope M, recalibration becomes history.

VPFlowScope DP

The patented VPFlowScope® DP is the ultimate measurement tool for wet compressed air flow measurements. The unique design enables you to take measurements in the discharge pipe of a compressor under 100% saturated conditions. You can combine the probe with two display module types or with a connector cap without display.

VPFlowScope In-line

The VPFlowScope® In-line is the ideal flow meter for point of use consumption measurement. It measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously and in both directions. The VPFlowScope In-line is perfect for smaller diameters where it produces all the data you need to optimize your compressed air consumption.

VPFlowScope Probe

The VPFlowScope® Probe measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously. This probe can handle various diameters and measures in both directions. This makes it the ultimate compressed air audit tool used by leading auditors worldwide. Although the VPFlowScope Probe has been designed for dry compressed air, we also have a measuring probe for wet compressed air; the VPFlowScope DP.


VPVision is the complete monitoring solution for compressed air, technical gases and energy management. Get a grip on your usage and see the patterns of compressed air between your supply and demand side. VPVision makes energy savings easy, quick and rewarding.

Using the latest web technology, it enables you to view data anywhere at any time. VPVision analyzes flow data and makes your savings potential transparent. VPVision is primarily developed for compressed air management, but can also be used to collect real-time data from other utilities.

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