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Energy is expensive and a hot topic nowadays. Compressed air and industrial gases are among the costliest utilities. Start measuring and monitoring your compressed air/gas system today to reduce up to 50% of your energy bill!

With easy-to-use measuring and monitoring products from VPInstruments, you get instant data to manage your energy flows, keep up your maintenance and optimize your energy efficiency. Our flow meters, dew point sensors, power meters, and energy monitoring system can be found all over the world, trusted by professionals in the field.

Measure, manage, control: Energy savings are within your reach!

Our VPFlowScope Flow Meters

Are you looking for a flow meter for the measurement of industrial gases or compressed air? Our flow meters offer solutions from supply to demand side measurement, and they are designed to be easy to use, affordable and complete. The VPFlowScope flow meters are suitable for measurement of compressed air, nitrogen, CO2, oxygen, helium, argon and other industrial gases. The VPFlowScope Flow Meters all measure four principles in one: mass flow, pressure, temperature and total flow. Moreover, all our flow meters can measure bi-directional flow.

✓ Four-in-one sensor

Get the complete picture by measuring flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow simultaneously.

✓ Bi-directional flow measurement

Bi-directional flow occurs frequently in compressed air and industrial gas systems. Discover the actual consumption and avoid mis-readings.

✓ Install under pressure

Insertion flow meters can be installed in pressurized conditions, no need to stop production.

Gain complete insights with VP Power Meter and Dew Point Sensor

Optimize your air/gas system, start with measuring and monitoring. VPInstruments product range allows complete insight into your consumption and inefficiencies from supply to demand side.

  • Measure the power consumption of your machines with the VP Power Meter. It can measure up to three phases and comes with mobile or permanent options.
  • Safeguard your equipment and production process with the data from Dew Point Sensor. Monitor the air quality of both refrigerant and desiccant-type air dryers.

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