Here is a selection of some of the webinars we have provided. Also, look out for any new upcoming webinars, you can find these on our events page.


Webinar: Compressed air leaks management

Check out the best practice to define and manage your compressed air leakages – the easy low-hanging fruits to improve your energy savings.


Webinar: Compressed air audit

The term ‘Compressed air audit’ is common. But which are the common types and how to position yourself in the compressed air audit market?  Find the answers in this webinar.


Webinar: The value of metering

An inspiring story of how Lavazza (manufacturer of coffee products) successfully installed a Metering Systems with huge savings.


Webinar: Selling and installing projects with multiple instruments

Watch this webinar for exclusive tips of what information to collect during the sales/buying phase and for successful installation.


Webinar: Identify optimization opportunities

This video will tell you how to translate multiple signals into interesting insights, which are essential to optimize your energy usage. There are also some exclusive tips, keep watching!


Webinar: Visualizing KPI's: kW, Flow, Pressure, Dewpoint

When it comes to compressed air, which KPI’s should be prioritized? Find the answer and examples of KPI’s in compressed air systems in this video!

Webinar – Fundamentals of Measurement and Visualization of KPI’s

Webinar: Fundamentals of Measurement & Visualization of KPI’s

Learn about the fundamentals of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in compressed air systems and how to monitor them. Three typical Key Performance Indicators are highlighted.

Webinar VPInstruments

Webinar: Permanent Monitoring

You’ll learn all about compressed air savings and the step by step approach for implementing permanent monitoring in your factory and how to monitor from remote.

Webinar green compressed air system

Webinar: A green compressed air system

A user case story with increasing production performance, huge energy savings and with a ROI of only a few months!

Benchmarking compressed air systems

Webinar: Compressed Air Benchmarking

Check out our latest webinar where we discuss how to benchmark the compressed air systems of your production facilities and maximize energy savings.

Get your flow measurement right

Webinar: Get your flow measurement right!

Watch this webinar where we will explain how to select and use flow meters, including tips and tricks how to install them.

Get your flow measurement right Spanish

Webinar: Get your flow measurement right - ESP

The Spanish version of our webinar about how to select and use flow meters. Seminario Web: ¡Obtenga las mediciones de flujo correctas!

5 Installation Tips Webinar for flow and kW meters

Webinar: 5 Installation tips for flow and kW meters

Get 5 installation tips for flow and kW meters and view examples how to turn measurement data into energy savings! View the webinar of Air Best Practices.