Selection Guides

Calculate your energy savings potential and find out which instrument fits your application, with one of these tools.

VPFlowScope Selection Tool

This tool helps you to select the right VPFlowScope flow meter for your application including all the features and accessories. Download the PDF selection chart and flow through all the selections.

Velocity Calculator

Fill in the parameters of your measurement application, calculate the velocity in your compressed air pipeline. The Velocity Calculator will help you find the right flow meter.

Unit Converter

Easy to use online unit converter for flow, pressure, temperature, velocity and diameter. All your compressed air parameters you can calculate in different units, both SI and Imperial units are available.

Cost Calculator

Discover the savings potential of your compressed air system! With just a view parameters, you can already get a rough idea of the annual costs for the compressed air consumption.

Current clamp

Calculate which VPLog-I amp meter to use for your application. Use the VPLog-i for e.g. to measure the power consumpton of compressors, machines or use it for electricity sub metering.