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VPInstruments 20 years anniversary

VPInstruments 20 years anniversary

Since 1999, VPInstruments has developed, manufactured and supplied flow meters and energy management equipment. This year, we are proud to celebrate our 20 years anniversary. Throughout these 20 years, VPInstruments has developed innovative products for easy insight into energy flows of compressed air and technical gasses. Our revolutionary products made it possible to perform compressed air audits in an easy manner and today our product portfolio comprises a complete energy management solution.

VPInstruments 20 years anniversary

A long history

VPInstruments was founded in 1999, however, the flow sensor technology itself dates back to 1974 when Anton van Putten, father of our founder Pascal van Putten, pioneered the development of the MEMS flow sensor technology. This technology has become the mother of all CMOS flow sensors and its revolutionary design can still be found in many other flow sensors around the world.

Years of further development led to the founding of VPInstruments. The first steps caught the attention of the compressed air industry and together with a leading compressor manufacturer, we developed the first insertion flow meter for compressed air audits, the VPFlowMate®. A few years later we released the VPFlowScope®; one flow meter measuring flow, pressure and temperature simultaneously in one product. Our VPVision monitoring software was the first energy management software dedicated for compressed air systems. And with the more recent launch of the VPFlowScope M our customers are ready for the IIOT revolution, moreover with the patented VPSensorCartridge re-calibration is now just a simple exchange. View our complete history here.

Today, the highly motivated team of VPInstruments is still developing new products and we look forward to many years to come.

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