Argon flow meters

Argon is a common used gas in the industry, especially in the metal industry. For example, it is used as an inert shield gas in arc welding.  Argon creates a special atmosphere around the metal being welded to e.g. prevent oxidation of the material during the process. Argon is also used as a filling mixture for e.g. incandescent lamps. Argon is expensive costing though, ~USD 0.14 … 0.17 per cubic foot; efficient use of your argon is thereby even more important. Here is a use case, showing the savings potential when measuring argon.

Our argon flow meters are designed to be easy to use, affordable and complete. All our flow meters use our proprietary bi-directional thermabridge flow sensor technology which is optional on our thermal mass flow meters, and standard on our differential pressure flow meters. By calibrating your flow meter with argon, your flow meter will provide highly accurate and reliable flow measurement.