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Car Manufacturer Saves $600,000 Yearly by Compressed Air Savings

VPFlowScope installed at car manufacturer

An Article published on the website of Compressed Air Best Practices in which the value of compressed air monitoring and flow measurements comes forward. Our CEO Pascal van Putten reports on the changes they have brought to an American automaker to save $600.000 on a yearly base.

VPFlowScope installed at car manufacturer

“An advanced car manufacturing plant in the Western half of the U.S. is living up to its goal for a greener future, thanks to an extensive compressed air system audit followed by the implementation of advanced control technology and VPFlowScope DP airflow meters for ongoing monitoring and measurement to ensure continued system efficiency.

The project, which also involved the addition of a booster air compressor and receiver tank – along with the installation of an important pressure control valve – gives the automaker the ability to run fewer centrifugal air compressors during peak production.

In doing so, the plant saves nearly 6.1 million kWh and more than $600,000 per year in energy costs.

The project also qualified for a $369,374 rebate from the local utility, resulting in a six-month project payback – all while improving system reliability.

Putten van, P., & Costa, T. (2019). Automaker Saves $600,000 Yearly In Energy Costs & Improves Compressed Air System Reliability | Compressed Air Best Practices.

The entire article can be read on the website of Compressed Air Best Practices.