Corgon flow meters

We provide flow meters to measure corgon, a mixture of argon and CO2. Corgon is used for instance to optimize the welding process and to increase your weld quality. Prevent waste and inefficient usage of corgon, as corgon is an expensive gas. Our corgon flow meters are easy-to-use and versatile. Get your flow meter in a complete start kit with all you need to start measuring immediately or get just the accessories you need for your specific application. To ensure high accurate readings, your flow meter will be calibrated with corgon.

Our corgon flow meters measure flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow. All VPFlowScope flow meters use our proprietary bi-directional thermabridge flow sensor technology which is optional on our thermal mass flow meters, and standard on our differential pressure flow meters. Your flow meter can be equipped with display, with data logger or just a simple non-display model with readout via the analog and/or Modbus output, and in case of the VPFlowScope M, the ethernet output.