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Webinar – Compressed air audit

The term “Compressed Air Audit” is loosely used to name a wide variety of studies, from automated equipment recommendations from equipment manufacturers to purely theoretical engineering analyses.
A valid compressed air audit should be carried out by independent auditors and must include an in-depth analysis of the compressed air demand and supply and consider the main distribution piping as well. It needs to be based on reliable data and expert analysis. The deliverables include the collected data, a system evaluation, opportunities for improvement, a blueprint for a proposed optimized system, comparative financial projections, and a priced action plan to implement it.

Main take-aways:
– Audit types commonly seen in the market
– How to position yourself in the audit market
– Data collection tips
– Instrumentation requirements
– Deliverables – Example

About the presenter:
Mauricio Uribe is a Partner and Senior Auditor at CrowsNest. After finishing his Mechanical Engineering studies at Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, he has worked in Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Medical Engineering research, Financial Management Consulting, and Marketing and Sales at world-leading compressor manufacturers before setting onto Energy Efficiency, Compressed Air Auditing and Compressed Air System Optimizations.

In his 17 years as an auditor, he has carried out over 70 compressed air audits in multiple world-class companies’ installations in the Americas and Europe. He has also supervised of and/or participated in the implementation of several energy efficiency-related projects in Latin America.