Webinar – Compressed Air Best Practices

Webinar – Compressed Air Best Practices

Thursday, 22 February 2018 – 2:00 PM EST. (20:00 CET)


Join our CEO Pascal van Putten at the CABP webinar. In his presentation “Identifying Optimization Opportunities from Measurement Data”, we will discuss how measurements can be transformed into energy savings. By examples, we will illustrate how to interpret flow, pressure, temperature and kW measurement data to optimize compressed air systems.


Keynote Speaker will be Tim Dugan, P.E., President and Principal Engineer of Compression Engineering Corporation. Hear his tips for installing flow and kW meters. This webinar will examine where and how these devices should be installed in the plant. When installed properly, these instruments provide the measurement data the plant needs to identify optimization opportunities in their compressed air system.


More information and free registration here.


This is an interactive webinar, with the opportunity to ask questions before and during the live event. Questions specified for Tim Dugan and Pascal van Putten can be submitted to Clare@airbestpractices.com.

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