Webinar: Measuring KPI’s: kW, Flow, Pressure, Dewpoint

Webinar: Measuring KPI’s: kW, Flow, Pressure, Dewpoint

Date: November 12, 2020

USA/Americas: 2 PM – 3 PM EST
Europe: 8 PM CET
Asia: 3 AM CST

On November 12, Air Best Practices hosts a webinar in cooperation with VPInstruments and our distributor Tim Dugan, P.E., President and Principal Engineer of Compression Engineering Corporation. The subject of the webinar is “Measuring KPI’s: kW, Flow, Pressure, Dewpoint”.

Menno Verbeek from VPInstruments will also give a presentation about “Measuring EnPI’s: Is my plant suffering from Obese or is it fit & healthy?”

Main takeaways:
– What is an EnPI and why is it important?
– Examples of EnPI’s in compressed air systems
– Where should you start
– How to measure & monitor specific EnPI’s

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