Webinar- Permanent monitoring of compressed air systems

VPInstruments on permanent monitoring at CABP webinar on May 25

VPInstruments will participate at CABP‘s webinar on May 25 at 2 PM EST. Pascal van Putten, CEO of VPInstruments, is the  first speaker and will present on the topic of “Permanent Monitoring of the Entire Compressed Air System”. He will discuss how monitoring choices on the supply and demand side are a fundamental step towards energy savings. You will learn more about how to implement a permanent monitoring system for compressed air and how it can bring you significant energy savings. A return on investment of less than half a year is very common. Van Putten will also examine the future of compressed air monitoring including cloud based monitoring and potential for big data. He will explain which choices you can make to monitor supply side and demand side of your system and he will talk about future trends in compressed air energy management.

Keynote speaker, Tim Dugan P.E., President and Principal Engineer of Compression Engineering Corporation will discuss “how and where to install compressed air flow meters”. Installation techniques and calibration strategies will be reviewed, including hot-tapping and avoiding areas where moisture might gather, to ensure measurement accuracy. Flow meter location strategies will be reviewed to correspond with measurement objectives.

Second speaker is Ruby Ochoa, Co-owner and President of Trace Analytics, LLC, an ISO 17025 & A2LA accredited laboratory. Ochoa’s presentation, “Testing for Compressed Air Contaminants”, will examine the testing process for contamination analysis required by auditing organizations including GFSI, SQF, BCAS, ISPE, and INPO. Ochoa will also discuss the importance of compressed air monitoring and why it is considered a standard practice in maintaining the health of a compressed air system.

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This is an interactive webinar, with the opportunity to ask questions before and during the live event. Questions can be submitted to Clare@airbestpractices.com.

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