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Glass container factory uses less air

Compressed air savings in glass industry

An article published in the Glass International Magazine in which the value of compressed air monitoring and flow measurements comes forward. Our CEO Pascal van Putten reports on the benefits they have brought to a Dutch container glassmaking factory. Flow meters measure the production and consumption of compressed air. They provide a wealth of data to maintain efficiency in the machines and compressors, and quickly detect any compressed air leakages.

No less than 40.000 Nm3/hr of air is produced at a large Dutch glass container factory. A total of 20 VPInstruments flow meters measure the production and consumption of compressed air. They provide data to maintain efficiency in the machines and compressors, and quickly detect any compressed air leakages. The factory manufactures 1.3 billion bottles per year for global brands and small breweries.

Compressed air is needed to drive the bottle-blowing machines and to blow the liquid glass into the mold. The company aims to reduce its energy consumption by 50%. Compressed air is an area on which it has focused, which makes sense because compressed air accounts for 30% of the total electrical power consumption. As a comparison, in all of industry this figure is on average 10%.

The great thing about flow meters is that they respond immediately to any changes in the machine settings, so we have linked them to the VPVision monitoring system we bought from VPInstruments, that displays real-time data over a web interface.

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