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Maarten on sabbatical, volunteering in Indonesia

Our beloved colleague Maarten Kornet has taken a 2-month sabbatical. He will help children in the city of Malang on the island of Java, Indonesia. He will be supporting in English lessons, sports, and games, exchange of culture, the motivation of the children, awareness of sustainability and more.

We are very proud of Maarten and the fact that we are able to help make this happen for him. We were happy to support him for this project. Being responsible, involved and a team spirit are all part of our core values! (Curious about our core values? Click here!)

We wish Maarten the best of luck. Knowing Maarten we have faith that he will be able to achieve everything he has planned for himself.

We can’t wait to hear all his stories when he returns in June. In the meantime, we can all keep updated on his adventure through his blogs. We look forward to his return and trust that this journey will have helped him grow, personally and as a VPInstruments colleague.