Nitrogen flow meters

Optimize your nitrogen system and save energy. Nitrogen is used in many places, like chemical blanketing to prevent fires and explosions in explosive atmospheres. Or e.g. in food packaging to displace oxygen and lengthening the shelf lifetime of food. Use our nitrogen flow meters to get insight into your consumption and inefficiencies.

Our nitrogen flow meters are easy-to-use and affordable. Measure flow, pressure, temperature, and total flow all-in-one with our complete VPFlowScope flow meters. All our flow meters use our proprietary bi-directional thermabridge flow sensor technology which is optional on our thermal mass flow meters, and standard on our differential pressure flow meters.

At our calibration facility, we calibrate standardly with compressed air. As nitrogen has similar properties as compressed air, your flow meter will provide accurate readings. If needed, e.g. for on your calibration report, we can offer a special gas calibration with nitrogen, if required.