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VPFlowScope at Henderson Copper/gold mine

VPInstruments’ flow meters find their way to many industries and many countries in the world. Our flow meters can be even found underground! This VPFlowScope Probe with VPFlowTerminal is installed at Henderson, Colorado. The Henderson Mine is a large underground mine producing molybdenum since 1976.  Molybdenum is a silvery-white metal and it is recovered as a by-product of e.g. copper.

This VPFlowScope is installed in a mine shaft deep underground. The large pipes feed compressed air to the machines underground. The VPFlowScope Probe helps detect leakages in the mine. The VPFlowScope Probe measures mass flow, pressure, temperature and total flow simultaneously. The data is collected in the VPFlowTerminal remote display with built-in data logger. Through the VPFlowTerminal’s Ethernet port, the data of the flow meter is sent to Henderson’s central management system.