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VPInstruments back from Hannover Messe (ComVac)

VPInstruments at Comvac Hannover 2015

VPInstruments participated at the Hannover Messe in the Comvac event. The event took place from April 24 – 28 in Hannover and is the largest trade fair for compressed air and vacuum technology in the world. The event attracted more attendees, presented more solutions, had a more international character and proved with its focus on Industrie 4.0 that this world’s leading Industrial show is really booming.

This year, VPInstruments featured a Crime Scene Investigation theme with the pay off “we deliver the proof”. VPInstruments does enable users of their insertion and inline flow meters in combination with its VPVision monitoring software, to measure and monitor their energy consumption. Primarily target is the great potential that can be found in leakage management, cost allocation and predictive maintenance programs.

In the VPInstruments booth, visitors learned how they can implement products, which options suited their needs best and how they could optimize their energy consumption. The team was able to deliver the proof on how, where and when to save on compressed air.

The event yielded a stunning 225,000 visitors from all over the world who visited 6500 exhibitors. That the Hannover Messe is truly worlds’ largest technological event in its field is illustrated in the fact that 30% of the visitors were from abroad and when looking at the exhibitors, more than 70 nations were represented. 60% were from abroad with 200 companies from Partner Country Poland and 150 companies from USA, last year’s Partner Country. Germany took first place in exhibitions with China as a close follower and Italy taking the third place. There were more than 500 groundbreaking Industry 4.0 solutions delivering concrete advantages for industry and energy.

The event really delivered the proof that Industry 4.0 is no longer a future vision: it is reality.