Webinar: Cost Reduction Opportunities In Manufacturing Processes

Webinar: Cost Reduction Opportunities In Manufacturing Processes

August 5th, 2020


  • 15:00 PST (GMT + 5)

Compressed air is an important utility, often one of the costliest energy consumers in a facility. Yet most compressed air system operators have little knowledge of compressed air system performance, its efficiency, and energy being wasted.

Roughly, it is just 15% of whole input energy which is utilized out of a compressed air system and the remaining 85% gets wasted in the form of heat losses, leakages, etc. making it one of the most inefficient utilities of a system.

Proper knowledge about system monitoring and management of different parameters can bring huge opportunities for energy savings and lower the product cost.

Join VPInstruments and the Asian Institute of Industrial Air in this joint panel discussion.

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