Energy savings at a sauce manufacturer

How the VPVision energy monitoring system and 3 instruments were able to put 1 out of the 2 compressors from running to back-up.

Sauce manufacturer’s compressed air system set-up

A sauce manufacturer in the Netherlands had one compressor room with 2 x 75 kW compressors. The compressor set-up was once designed as a 2 x 100% setup, so only one compressor at the time running for production, with one compressor in backup (in shifts). As it turned out: both compressors were running for production.

When they approached VPInstruments, they had no measurement or monitoring system in place for their compressed air and they have no idea where to start.

Based upon their P&ID, we advised measurement devices and a permanent monitoring system. With this equipment, the sauce manufacturer was able to track leakage rates, associated energy costs and they were alarmed when the back-up compressor was turned on. VPInstruments’ distributor installed the equipment on site and helped the client further with an air audit and leakage survey.

Measurement & Monitoring set up:

  • 2 x Amp meters

To measure compressor consumption, to know when the compressors are turned on, off or in standby.

  • 1 x VPFlowScope flow meter

In the main header to measure flow, pressure, temperature and total flow.

  • 1 x VPVision monitoring system

To collect all data, visualize it in easy overviews and in automated reports.


Investment: 6000 Euros

Screenshots VPVision before improvements:

Both compressors are running

VPFlowScope output: Flow profile and pressure at the main header


We took just one week of data and calculated the leakage level during the weekend, when there was no production. This showed a leak load of 40,000 Euros/year. By further help of our distributor and based upon their audit and leakage survey, the customer could go back to their original 2 x 100% setup; one compressor could be turned off to function as back-up again.

ROI was < 2 month

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