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NEW VPFlowScope In-line 3/8 inch: Measure low flows up to 50 l/min

VPInstruments, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of measurement and monitoring equipment for compressed air and gas, is proud to introduce the innovative VPFlowScope In-line 3/8 inch for smaller diameters. Obtain all the data you need to optimize your oxygen and/or compressed air consumption.

With the pioneering smaller diameters, the VPFlowScope In-line 3/8 inch is the perfect solution to measure low flows of compressed air and oxygen at the point of use. The VPFlowScope In-line 3/8 inch can measure flow, total flow, and temperature simultaneously. Its Modbus and analog outputs enable you to interface with VPVision or other energy monitoring systems.

Installation is very simple, and its size is compact. Moreover, the VPFlowScope In-line 3/8 inch features a 2-line TFT display with real-time information and configuration keys, which enhance user visual insight at first blush. Actual measurement data empowers you to optimize your air and gas system, reduce consumption, and allocate costs.


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VPFlowScope In-line 3/8 inch