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Newsletter April 2020

New: Scaling on insertion probes in 2020

All our VPFlowScope insertion probes will be fitted with scaling on the probe. No more need for a separate tape-measure for installing your flow meter in the right position in the pipeline. Per product the timeline of implementation differs, as this is pending stock level.

New email addresses

To provide you with the best support, we have extended our back office. For both Ester and Inge to receive your emails,  we have a new email address.
Please email to customer-service@vpinstruments.com for:

  • Your new PO’s and order confirmations
  • Questions related to: shipments, servicing for your equipment, delivery times, invoices and payments, and requests for calibration reports.

Furthermore, when invoices are overdue, we will email you from:   reminder@vpinstruments.com.

Marketing now more important than ever!

Due to COVID-19 a lot of people are working from home, with more time for training & research. As VPInstruments we are focusing on our online presence. And you can help with building the brand, creating awareness and generate more leads. Think of:

  • Sharing our social media posts
  • Forwarding our mailings to your network
  • Hosting webinars in your local language

Contact cynthia.kuiper@vpinstruments.com for any assistance or questions.

More user cases!

Please keep an eye on our Markets & references page : we will add more user cases in the upcoming weeks. We will add more industries and per industry you can now find the online user case stories.

Important: Help us with more user case stories! This will help us all in our sales and marketing.

VPFlowScope also for oxygen, nitrogen and industrial gases

Expand your business outside of compressed air, as our flow meters can also be used for other gases. For e.g. helium, argon and CO2 we offer special gas calibrations. For nitrogen and oxygen this is not even needed. See our oxygen webpage for application examples.

Save the date: Distributor Days 2020

When: October 28-30, 2020
Where: Dallas
For whom: all our distributors