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New webinar on February 24: Compressed Air Leaks: Your low hanging fruit


Webinar: Compressed Air Leaks: Your low hanging fruit

Date: February 24, 2021

Timeslot 1:
USA/Americas: 4 AM EST
Europe: 10 AM CET
Asia: 5 PM CST

Timeslot 2:
USA/Americas: 2 PM EST
Europe: 8 PM CET
Asia: 3 AM CST

On February 24, VPInstruments and our partner UE Systems are going to present a free webinar named: “Compressed Air Leaks: Your low hanging fruit.”

UE Systems Inc., headquartered in the USA, has been developing, distributing, and supporting end-users with Ultrasound inspection tools since 1973.

To make sure our subscribers from all over the world will be able to come aboard, we arrange two similar sections on the same day: the first section is at 10 AM (European time), and the other is at 8 PM (European time). You can choose the timeslot up to your convenience in the registration link here.

This webinar will take place in 30 – 45 minutes and follow up with a Q&A section.

Webinar presenters:

The webinar will be presented by Menno Verbeek from VPInstruments and Peter Boon from UE Systems:

Menno Verbeek is Sales Manager Americas for VPInstruments. Menno is an expert on compressed air monitoring systems project management. Menno believes that control systems and monitoring systems should run parallel to each other and that measuring, trending, alarming, and reporting of any utility, should be effortless, understandable and easy for all.

Menno Verbeek

Peter Boon has been with UE Systems Europe, headquartered in the Netherlands, since 2010. He has lectured about the technology of Airborne / Structure borne Ultrasound in most of the industrialized world and has been instrumental in the program implementation of Ultrasound inspection technology for multiple companies worldwide. In addition to his efforts to educate and lecture, Mr. Boon is the Regional Manager Benelux of UE Systems Europe. Mr. Boon is a part of the UE Systems training development team and is level II certified for Ultrasound technology.

Main takeaways:

– Savings potential of compressed air leakage management

– Why leak detection?

– How flow meters can measure and allocate leakage levels

– How to measure leakage level in a 24/7 factory

– Detecting leaks with ultrasound; fast and easy

– Tag and report of leaks

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