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Inauguration of the Center of Excellence in Pakistan!

VPInstruments is proud to have participated in the establishment of the Center of Excellence in Compressed Air by contributing monitoring equipment and participated in inauguration at the National Textile University, Faisalabad, Pakistan. The Center is officially inaugurated on Friday 16th of October in the presence of faculty leaders, partners and industry leaders.

The Center is set up by Asian Institute of Industrial Air (AIIA) in collaboration with the National Textile University. The AIIA provides advanced level of certified training courses on industrial air engineering, automation, and production engineering. The Center of Excellence consists of a fully functioning compressed air station, with energy monitoring equipment and instrumentation donated by VPInstruments. With the support of VPInstruments and with the Center of Excellence, the AIIA can now provide training on measuring and monitoring of compressed air systems. The equipment at NTU has been installed and made operational by engineers from our partner company, AirPro Technix, a subsidiary of Rastgar Group , Pakistan.

Read here the official press release from AIIA.

Dutch ambassador, Wouter Plomp, showed importance

The Center is officially inaugurated on Friday 16th of October in the presence of faculty leaders, partners and industry leaders. Dutch ambassador, Wouter Plomp, showed in his message the commitment of the Dutch to contribute to the Pakistan industry.

Compressed air important utility

Compressed air plays a huge role in the manufacturing industry of Pakistan as well as in the worldwide industry. Large manufacturing plants like textile manufacturers, glass producers, and cement plants, use compressed air in the production of their product, as well as for pneumatic tools, transportation, packing, and more. Compressed air can take up to 30% of their electricity bill.

Compressed air is a notorious expensive utility as it is 8 times more expensive than electricity, and up to 50% is being spilled. See also our article on the compressed air savings potential. For instance, pneumatic machines wear. Systems are often oversized, taking more energy than required. Research has shown that successful energy management programs start with measurement. Measurement is like an X-ray for a doctor. By measuring your compressed air, you can discover large consumers, leakages, incompetent use, and overdue maintenance. Based on actual data, improvement investments and maintenance management can be justified.

As compressed air is such a major utility in the industry, improving the usage of compressed air will have a significant economic benefit and improves competitiveness.

Education key to a cleaner world

The Center of Excellence will play a significant role in the education of compressed air systems of students and industry engineers in Pakistan. This shows the importance of increasing knowledge on compressed air systems, as more efficient usage will contribute to energy savings and thus to a cleaner world.

Your contributions for a better planet